The new way to open packs

Single-dose sachets where you grab it, bend it and squeeze it with only one hand. Our co-packing service is for virtually all kinds of liquid products. Send your product to our facility, we will pack for you. Suitable to serve the food, retail, cosmetics, pharma, medical and chemistry industries.

It’s all about you and your Brand

We are a family owned business who really cares about your business.

What we offer is not an e-commerce façade, but the real deal. Based in Swindon, we service the branding needs of UK companies by delivering best in class services to ensure your needs and goals are met.

We provide branded co-packing, embroidery, printing and kitting services to some of the UK’s leading businesses from our dedicated in-house facility. Our trusty production team ensures we produce a quality result whilst retaining short production lead times.

As a trusted partner, if you have any branded requirements, we can even assist you with the design.

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